Sweden's largest forest owner association Södra has hit a new milestone with its OnceMore dissolving pulp technology, reaching 20% recycled content.

The company's OnceMore technology was launched in 2019. Its technique separates the cotton and polyester in poly-cotton blends, which are among the most widely used textiles on the market. The pure cotton fibres are then added to Södra's wood-derived textile pulp, which can, in turn, be used to make new textiles.

Since its launch, Södra has been working to increase the content of recycled material from 3% to 20% using post-consumer textile waste.

"We combine the used textile fibres with our own dissolving pulp made from our sustainably-managed forests in southern Sweden," says Johannes Bogren, vice president of Södra Cell Bioproducts. "Now we're working on a 50/50 mix of recycled textiles and sustainable cellulose pulp. OnceMore has the potential to shake up the fashion industry and will enable large volumes of used cotton and cotton-polyester blends to be turned into new clothing and textiles. We are delighted with the progress achieved so far."

The pulp produced in the OnceMore process consists of cellulose, which originates from two different sources: one part from the recycled textiles, and one part is wood from its sustainable managed forests.