Söktas has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Nano-Tex, in a deal that makes it the only mill in Europe and Turkey licensed to manufacture shirting fabrics treated with the Neutralizer technology that eliminates body odour.

"We believe that Söktas will increase its market share thanks to the odour-free and easy-iron properties of this unique shirting fabric," said Seyhan Aktemur, Söktas' manager for product development and marketing.

Söktas will produce 100% cotton shirting fabric with the Neutralizer technology.

The permanently durable fabric treatment captures and neutralises odour molecules, allowing the fabric to stay fresh and soft for the life of the shirt.

Since fabric produced with Neutralizer can also be washed less frequently, the company claims it will last longer and also provide savings both in washing costs and water consumption.

A public company founded in 1971, Söktas supplies its fabrics to brands including Armani, Banana Republic, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Gap, Gucci, Hennes & Mauritz, Hugo Boss, Paul Smith, Prada and Zara.