South Korea's Sae-A Trading, one of the world's largest apparel manufacturers and exporters, has undertaken a range of donation activities and disease prevention programmes to help its supplier countries in Central America tackle the Covid-19 pandemic.

The company's efforts have benefitted some 60,000 associates in ten countries around the world, with activities including donating relief and disease prevention items worth US$70,000 to local communities in Guatemala.  

6,000 'relief kits' that consist of necessities for quarantined households were delivered to communities near production factories in Petapa, Villa Nueva and Mixco, as well as the central emergency response headquarters of Guatemala. The company also donated some 60,000 masks.

In Nicaragua, Sae-A donated 30,000 masks to the local health ministry and 410,000 pieces of clothing, worth $3.5m, to the country's emergency response agency (SINAPRED). 

Meanwhile, Sae-A's Haitian corporation, S&H Global, has donated 200,000 masks to the government and the local community in the northern region of Caracol, including schools, hospitals, and the port. 5,278 yards of material, enough to produce 50,000 masks, was also donated to an NGO consortium, located in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

In addition, safety education has also been provided for local communities in countries where disease prevention systems are limited.

"Even in this uncertain Covid-19 situation, the weight of being socially responsible has not changed for the company. Moving forward, we will continue to pursue our philosophy of co-prosperity with our local community and staff," says Sae-A Trading CEO James Ha. "Through various donation activities and disease prevention education programmes by our Sae-A offices overseas, we hope we can do our part to help bring about an end to the Covid-19 pandemic."

Globally, the Sae-A Group operates 41 production facilities in 10 countries, with a vertically integrated supply chain that spans yarn production through fabric mills to garment manufacturing and retail operations in South Korea. Sae-A Trading is its apparel manufacturing unit focusing on the US market with operations in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Haiti.