Italian luxury footwear, fashion and leather goods firm Salvatore Ferragamo has raised its stake in a distribution joint venture with Hong Kong-based Trinity as it continues to expand in South East Asia.

Ferragamo has acquired an additional 30% stake from Trinity Luxury Brands Holdings Ltd and Ferrinch - both wholly-owned subsidiaries of Trinity - for US$25.5m. 

The move means the Italian firm now has an 80% stake in the four companies involved in the transaction: Ferragamo Korea, Ferragamo Malaysia, Ferragamo Singapore and Ferragamo Thailand.

The deal also sets out a new five-year contract that runs until 31 December 2017. 

Salvatore Ferragamo also has an option to acquire the remaining 20% stake it doesn't already own at a price based on the net depreciated asset value of the four companies.