Barcode printing, labelling and RFID specialist Sato has launched a new group company to drive its global growth.

Sato International, which will be based in Tokyo, Japan, is key to helping the company achieve its target for 40% of sales to come from overseas by 2020.

Kaz Matsuyama, president and CEO of Sato Holdings, will also serve as the head of the new group. Yasuhiro Tanabe, who was tasked with facilitating Sato's global expansion and strengthening its overseas markets in 2014, has been appointed as vice president of the new company.

Sato, which has offices in 24 countries and a business presence in over 90 countries, saw sales reach JPY28.3bn (US$238.8m) in 2013, with 29% of all revenue coming from outside of Japan. Sato expects JPY60bn of revenue from markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.

Beyond 2020, the group expects to achieve a 70% overseas sales ratio as Sato expands into new regions and increases its market share.

"Globalisation and maximisation of customer value are two core components of our long-term strategy," said Matsuyama. "Sato International will drive that strategy, expanding our market share and reach, allowing us to effectively provide customers with end-to-end Auto-ID and Data Capture solutions on a truly global scale."