SATRA has spent £50,000 on increasing its laboratory space to cope with growing demand for testing safety products ― particularly for resistance to penetration by a range of gases or liquids. As a result, the research organization now boasts one of the most comprehensive testing services in Europe for the CE marking of gloves and suits worn in chemical environments. As part of this refurbishment, two existing laboratories at its Safety Products Centre in Kettering have been amalgamated to form one large conditioned laboratory (23˚C; 50% humidity). Another has also been constructed and a state-of-the-art fume extractor fitted to enable hazardous gases, such as chlorine and ammonia, to be used in assessing protective clothing and gloves.The additional laboratory (20˚C; 65% humidity) is now equipped to test high visibility and waterproof clothing, and incorporates other tests such as burst strength and durability testing."This extension puts SATRA in the forefront of chemical testing," says Austin Simmons, head of SATRA Safety Products Centre. "We can now test against a far more extensive range of chemicals and offer even faster turnaround times for results."