Schoeller Textil AG has developed a new finishing technology for garment fabrics to protect wearers from ticks and mosquitoes.

The Inzectic process works by paralysing and killing pests such as ticks when they come into contact with a treated fabric surface. It is also said to cut down on the number of mosquitoes landing on the fabric.

And because the effective substance is applied only to the outer side of the material, it is also safe for the skin.

Fabrics with Inzectic have been subjected to Hohenstein Laboratories' cytotoxicity test and the tick test of the Institute of Biology Neuchâtel and the Swiss Tropical Institute, Schoeller says.

The company also claims that a special binding system ensures no cytotoxic substances are released - and well as ensuring the protective function is firmly anchored to the textiles and is retained even after repeated washing.

Additional comfort is offered by basing the Inzectic functional finish on Schoeller's 3XDRY high-tech 'feelgood' technology. This means the treated fabrics offer water resistance on the outer side of the fabric, and actively transports moisture away from the interior, allowing it to evaporate.

Pests such as ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis. Diseases like malaria, for example, are transmitted by mosquitoes - the African tiger mosquito, which transmits Dengue fever, can already be found in some southern European countries.