Scientists in Japan have developed a biotech-based process for creating an ultra-thin computer memory that could one day be integrated into clothing.

Researchers from the Nara Institute of Science and Technology have successfully built memory that can be to be created on thinner substrates because it eliminates the need for high-temperature processing.

This will lead to significantly smaller and thinner computers in the near future, they say.

Research team leader and electronics engineering professor Yukiharu Uraoka said: "We are well on the way to developing computers built on thin films that can be integrated into eyeglass lenses or into clothing.

"Eleksen, world leader in touch sensitive interactive textiles for electronics interface design, is already working on projects to bring computerisation to textiles and would be one of the first to adopt such technologies.

"The development of ultra-thin computers coupled with ultra-thin displays, could also be used in devices like high-tech eyeglasses."

By Michael Fitzpatrick.