The decision of a dozen of Scotland's leading textile manufacturers to act collectively in support of their own Scottish fashion industry is now paying dividends for the weavers. Additional orders have been placed both at and after the recent Paris-based Premiere Vision textile trade fair says Julia Scott-Barrett, official spokeswoman for the recently formed Scottish Textiles Network. The story of the Network begins earlier this year with the Intervention fashion festival held in Glasgow. A key event of the festival was a catwalk show staged by Scottish designers using fabric from the current collections of the l2 weavers who would subsequently show in Paris as part of the Scottish Textiles Network's corporate promotion. "The publicity generated by the show, internationally as well as locally, focused attention on the talent which today puts the work of Scottish designers at the cutting edge of what's happening in both men's and women's wear," says Julia. "As a result, by the time the Paris show came round buyers were more than usually aware of what can be achieved not only with traditional Scottish fabrics such as tweeds and tartans, but with the contemporary 'cutting edge' cloths now also emanating from the mills of Scottish weavers," she adds. "Each of the twelve exhibitors from Scotland report added interest in their wares and the majority took orders well in excess of anticipated levels, especially as, like their English counterparts, Scottish exhibitors are still struggling against the economic pressures of a continuingly strong pound."