An industry education group has been formed to encourage the design, development, production and marketing of seamless garments and help meet the growing demand for these products.

The Seamless Consortium represents manufacturers, suppliers, marketers and retailers of seamless products and hopes to help them take advantage of the opportunity to provide consumers with higher margin products that they value and demand.
"When given a choice, consumers absolutely prefer the comfort, appearance, durability, performance benefits, and ease of care that seamless technology affords," says Diane Donahue, president of Acme-McCrary Seamless Division and chair of the Consortium.
Seamless technology creates clothing free from irritating side seams and has already been adopted by performance apparel brands including Champion, Nike, and Under Armour

In addition to the continued growth of the technology in intimate apparel, seamless products have also expanded into activewear, swimwear and ready-to-wear garments. 

"When all is said and done, the seamless technology presents an opportunity across multiple segments of apparel," explains Donahue.
However, she also adds that while consumers have benefited from seamless products and recognised its advantages, the industry as a whole has been slow to fully capitalise on the technology.

The Seamless Consortium will launch at the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market Show in Salt Lake City, Utah from 27-30 January, and has also developed a comprehensive Seamless Handbook highlighting the advantages of seamless technology.