Clothing maker Seattle Pacific Industries (SPI) has bought designer Jade Howe's 'Howe' men's wear brand and company.

SPI will inject capital for global expansion as well as fund new collections and maintain the distribution network. The company has 25 years of experience in the field.

Howe, who will stay on as the brand's creative director, said: "They [SPI] completely believe in the Howe vision. Five years ago we started a unique look with the goal of changing the way men dress - and now it's finally exploding on a cultural and retail level."

SPI president Steve Ritchey added: "Our established history of global brand building and expertise in manufacturing allows SPI to help the Howe brand catapult to the next level of growth."

The Howe brand is aimed at the upscale bracket of the men's 22- to 40-year-old market. It is sold in better boutiques and department stores throughout the US, Europe, Canada, and Japan.