A second Japanese intimate apparel company on Tuesday said it has developed a new range of underwear for women that helps the wearer lose weight.

Gunze Ltd says items in the new VIFA pantyhose and underwear range have slimming benefits as they are laced with caffeine and some fragrances that activate the central nervous system and dissolve fat.

The company said it has used several key agents from a popular skin lotion in the new range which will retail from $4 to $35.

In October, Boffins at Fuji Spinning Co designed a new lingerie line which eats fat when absorbed into the skin. The "Wonder Slim" fabric contains caffeine and seaweed extracts which when dissolved into the skin combine with body oils and sweat to activate fat-eating enzymes.

The company claimed the extracts continue to be absorbed into the body after the undies have been washed many times, although it can't promote their fat-burning effects as they are not sold as a pharmaceutical item.

That range was aimed at both men and women with a price tag of $20 to $35 but will not be sold outside Japan.