A new Managed IT Service (MIS) dedicated to the requirements of fashion and lifestyle companies has been launched by IT solution provider Prologic.

The service, which is believed to be a first in the UK, fully manages all aspects of a company's software and the IT infrastructure, and Prologic claims it can cut annual IT expenditure by as much as 60 per cent.

Though not rare in themselves, managed IT services are usually provided by companies that are not sector specific and do not own the software application. So each customer will invariably have a unique combination of hardware, network and software.

Prologic, though, has developed, and owns, every aspect of its service - a fundamental difference, it says, and one which offers significant economies of scale and has large cost implications. 

Under the service, Prologic manages, supports and maintains every aspect of a company's IT infrastructure. It also delivers an ongoing research and development function so that a customer's infrastructure and software functionality is upgraded coherently to meet its latest requirements.