A new study has revealed that more and more women in India are buying jeans, but 84 per cent often have to shop around to find the right size in the right brand.  

The findings are included in 'The factors which influence women's purchasing behaviour,' a report commissioned by Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions developer Futurescape NetCom Ltd.

The researchers also found that international brands were preferred by 46 per cent of respondents; around 74 per cent of female students own more than three pairs and 31 per cent wear their jeans daily; while working women prefer to keep jeans for special occasions.

Other findings of note include the fact that women often find it hard to find the right size; and 60 per cent believe they get the best service at branded stores.
Futurescape NetCom Ltd managing director Namrata Rana says: "Around 80 per cent of respondents say that good service plays the most important role in buying decisions. The sales crew at multi-brand stores have been voted the least helpful lot. However, a plus in their favour is that they always try and find a pair that suits the lady's budget."