Silk manufacturers, exporters and retailers in India have been warned they face fines if caught selling fake or poor quality silk under a new quality certification scheme aimed at combating counterfeiting.

India's Central Silk Board (CSB) has set up the Indian Silk Mark Organisation (ISMO) a self certification agency to certify the quality and develop a logo - similar to the wool industry's Woolmark - to identify the purity of the silk.

Companies registering for the scheme, which is expected to be launched in April, will receive a certification logo that commits them to adhering to certain quality standards, with CSB officials carrying out regular checks to ensure those standards are upheld.

CSB member secretary, Joy Oomen, said officials were in the process of visiting factories and dealers around the county to encourage them to registers and that silk merchants appreciated the initiative.

He added: ''Penal action will be taken against those who fail to sell pure silk violating the rules and regulations under ISMO and the quality certification obtained."

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