US denim company Silver Jeans Co, a subsidiary of Western Glove Works, has partnered with Fitcode to deliver a personalised, interactive denim shopping experience to its online shoppers.

The "fit-focused" shopping experience allows users to shop personalised style recommendations according to their own body types.

The user fills in details about themselves and is given a "Fitcode" based on their results, which they use to shop personalised style recommendations based on their own body types.

Fitcode previously worked with Western Glove Works' Jag Jeans brand in 2016. The company says past partner integrations demonstrate consumers are "at least three times more likely" to purchase using Fitcode.

"After seeing the results from the Fitcode integration on our site, this decision was simple," says Mike G Girardin, director of e-commerce at Silver Jeans Co. and Jag Jeans. "Users converted at four times their normal rate."

Rian Buckley, Fitcode co-founder and CEO, adds: "We're looking forward to a long, successful partnership with Silver. "We can't wait to help them drive sales and engagement while supporting the success of their brand's fresh new look and offerings."

According to a recent US survey carried out by Narvar, consumers are demanding brands and retailers interact with them at a multi-channel level, particularly following the introduction of voice technologies such as Amazon's Echo, Alexa and Google Home.

AI bots, voice assistants are changing shopper behaviour

Amazon, in June this year, rolled out Amazon Echo in a bid to interact with apparel shoppers at a more personal level. Echo Look allows users to take full-length photos and videos that can be used to create fashion lookbooks or share with friends. The photos can also be used in Amazon's Style Check service, which combines machine learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists and makes recommendations on an outfit based on fit, colour, styling, seasons and current trends.