Silver Star International, Inc. (OTCBB:SVSR), today announced that they have received purchase orders from Rothco, of Smithtown, NY, for Silver Star's Bean Brigade line of plush bean bag toys.

Established in 1953, privately owned Rothco is one of the leading distributors of Military and Outdoor products to the Army Surplus and Police Supply retail market in the United States and around the world.

Company President, Mr. Mike Faessler, stated: "We are delighted that Rothco has decided to carry The Bean Brigade. As the foremost supplier of Military gear and camping goods in the country, we think that they are a perfect match to distribute The Bean Brigade. Rothco sells primarily to Army Surplus and Police Supply Retailers and their name is well known in the industry. They have been in business a long time and developed a very loyal base of retail customers. The people that shop the stores that they service love The Bean Brigade and have been our most enthusiastic customers. We believe that the addition of programs like this will help establish The Bean Brigade line as a leader in the plush toy category and as a major contributor to our total revenues and profits."

Vice President, Mr. John Donegan, added: "Rothco is a first class organization and we are proud to be associated with them. The Rothco name is well known in the Army Surplus and Police Supply business. This should be a great program for us because they have a large customer base with over 4000 accounts that will allow us to offer The Bean Brigade to a whole new channel of customers. Also, Rothco's retailers don't compete with the gift and specialty retailers that are currently selling The Bean Brigade so we really will increase our distribution significantly. We think that this program, in addition to the Airware Air Show program that we announced in March, will give us two strong distributors that sell to high potential niche markets that are perfect for our products."

Silver Star International, Inc. is a Fully Integrated Marketing Company. "Our vision is to be diversified - marketing many unique products, spanning multiple product categories. We are the `Mutual Fund of Wholesale Distributing'. We believe this minimizes `risk' inherent with marketing fad products or narrow product lines. We believe our strategy allows for more stability in revenue growth and much greater profit potential."