Simula Inc (Amex:SMU), a world leader in safety technology, and Second Chance Body Armor Inc, the US's largest manufacturer of soft, concealable personal body armour, today announced the availability of ULTIMA brand, ninth generation body armour.

The soft, concealable, protective body armour offered by Second Chance is designed for use by law enforcement personnel. According to representatives of the companies, the new body armour represents a merger of the latest technologies, providing optimum wearability and maximum protection against a range of handgun threats.

The ninth generation ULTIMA product line marketed by Second Chance incorporates an exclusive, new ballistic fabric, ZYLOFLEX IX, with SimuLITE, Simula's design for body armour fabrication.

Earlier this year, Simula licensed its patent-pending SimuLITE material to Second Chance exclusively for law enforcement applications. The Simula technology is a material components architecture and fabrication technique. Simula and Second Chance announced their intent last February to collaborate on product concepts and technologies that would enhance their industry leadership positions by combining their respective armor expertise and market knowledge. Under the license, Simula receives a royalty based on the volume of the SimuLITE material utilized in the body armor product.

According to Second Chance, ULTIMA is as much as 13 per cent thinner and lighter than its predecessor and currently is the world's lightest and most wearable soft, concealable body armour, which is designed to protect against handgun threats. In addition to incorporating significant improvements in protective performance through the use of SimuLITE, the new ULTIMA product has advantages over previous product generations, such as softness, flexibility and moisture vapor breathability.

"Armour is one of our six core competencies and an area where we project good growth. We regard strategic alliances and technology licensing as key to this growth strategy," said Brad Forst, president and CEO of Simula. "Second Chance's introduction of this innovative product line demonstrates the benefits of our alliance and the cross-licensing of our technologies. Our combined focus on taking advantage of each other's market strengths and armour expertise has resulted in advanced products and technologies aimed at saving lives and protecting civilian and military personnel from ballistic threats," said Forst.

About Simula
Simula Inc, headquartered in Phoenix, is a diversified technology company that designs and manufactures occupant safety systems and devices engineered to safeguard human life in a wide range of air, ground and sea transportation vehicles. The company operates in two principal markets that are aligned with its core technologies: government and defense contracting, and automotive safety systems. Additional information about Simula can be found at its website,

About Second Chance
Second Chance, located in Central Lake, Mich, is the US's largest manufacturer of soft, concealable personal body armor, and its founder is credited with inventing this life-saving, patented technology. In addition, the company manufactures a range of anti-ballistic and anti-puncture personal protection systems for law enforcement, tactical, corrections and special duty applications. Additional information about Second Chance can be found at