The autumn 2001 Tissu Premier proved a sad show for staff of long established jersey manufacturer Singlam Fabrics. For instead of talking to potential customers about the merits of their new season's collection they found themselves reduced to selling off existing stock at the Lille fair, prior to the closing of their own Pontypridd, south Wales plant and the ultimate shut down of the company.

On the other hand, the John Heathcoat team at Lille, headed by general manager Annick Buller, couldn't have been happier

For having purchased machinery made redundant by the closure of Singlam it was able to announce to potential customers a totally new direction for the company. From now on it will be able to offer a full selection of 32 gauge single jersey cloths using a variety of natural, manmade and blended fabrics to complete its own extensive selection of fashion tules and technical nets.

"And following our announcement of this development at Tissu Premier at the beginning of September we have already received a number of very useful enquiries from garment manufacturers across the EU and worldwide," commented Ivan Hulse who was representing Heathcoat's interests at the Lille fair.

By Sonia Roberts.

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