As part of plans to bring the British fashion and textile industry together in one streamlined organisation, UK Fashion Exports, the body that helps exporters and overseas buyers, has moved under the umbrella of the British Clothing Industry Association (BCIA).

The change is being driven by new BCIA chairman Peter Lucas, who wants to create a single voice for the sector.

"My aim is to use BCIA's structure and financial strength to bring the industry together in one streamlined organisation operating from 5 Portland Place and supporting the British fashion and textile industries," he says.
The combined expertise of BCIA and UKFE will provide members with a wide range of services covering legal, technical, health and safety and employment issues, as well as exporting, importing, sales and marketing, shows and exhibitions and training and development.
"There are many other organisations that do a number of these things, but it would be more efficient if we did a lot more of them together, so that when we, the industrialists get together, there are a significant number of us at the same place and time to share our experiences," Lucas adds.
In particular, BCIA executives are working closely with the export promotion body for textiles and UKTI to ensure that the programme of trade fair support is carried forward next year.
Lucas, who is chairman and chief executive of BMB Group and chairman of Arafa Holdings Brand Division, became BCIA chairman in May.