Footwear company Skechers USA has dismissed two recently filed class action suits against its Shape-up products, describing them as “baseless”.

The two complaints allege that the advertising for Shape-ups rocker bottom shoes infringes Californian law, but Skechers said it would mount a “vigorous” defence.

“While the company does not usually comment on pending litigation and seeks to vindicate itself in court, it is important to set the record straight before such false and disparaging allegations take on a life of their own,” said Anthony Glassman, attorney and spokesperson for Skechers.

“The company believes that the lawsuits are inconsistent with numerous scientific studies, including studies cited in one of the lawsuits.”

Glassman said that scientific research showed that rocker bottom shoes increased muscle activity and heightened the metabolic demands of walking, in line with the claims made in the company’s advertising.

Skechers added that the studies contradicted a recent critical report by the American Council on Exercise, which it said had a conflict of interest because it sold fitness training courses, fitness materials and apparel.