Skechers claims DB Shoe Cos product infringes on its Go Walk product line

Skechers claims DB Shoe Co's product infringes on its Go Walk product line

Footwear business Skechers USA has filed a lawsuit against rival DB Shoe Company for selling footwear that it claims infringes on its Go Walk product line.

The suit, filed in the US District Court for the Central District of California, seeks compensatory and punitive damages as well as injunctive relief for infringing on seven separate design patents of Skechers.

The firm claims that DB Shoe Company is selling the infringing products under the name Super Dream Walk 816.

"Skechers has invested tremendous resources into designing, developing, and advertising our Skechers Go Walk product line," said David Weinberg, chief operating officer. "We have built Skechers Go Walk into a name and look globally recognised and synonymous with Skechers, which benefits not only Skechers but all of its retail partners.

"We will not allow our competitors and retailers to infringe on one of our most valuable intellectual properties, and we will continue to enforce our intellectual property rights against any company that develops footwear that infringes on the designs of Skechers Go Walk as well as our other proprietary product lines."

In June, Skechers filed a lawsuit against Reebok International, also for selling a product it said infringes on its Go Walk line.