UK textiles industry employees are being urged to let politicians know their views on the issue of skills, by taking part in a Think Tank that has just been launched by Skillfast-UK.

Skillfast launched the Think Tank to ensure that employers have a genuine opportunity to give their comments, so that feedback can be given to politicians to help them understand what employers want from them. 

Chief executive of Skillfast-UK, Linda Florance, said: "We realise that as the UK's textiles industry continues to change, so do employers' skills needs.  The Government has assured us that it is willing to listen to employers' views on skills, with a view to making changes as deemed necessary. 

"This is why I am urging employers to make the most of this opportunity, which will allow them to comment on skills policy, as well as shaping the Government's agenda on skills."

Employers will take part in short briefings, followed by yes / no answers up to six times per year. 

Skillfast-UK has been set up to help employers in the clothing, footwear and textile sectors improve their competitiveness by developing the skills of their workforce at all levels.