Footwear company Skins Inc is teaming up with sole manufacturer Vibram for the development of its new shoe concept, which is due to launch in spring 2007. 

Skins is in the process of developing an innovative two-part, interchangeable footwear structure that consists of an outer collapsible 'Skin' and an inner orthopaedic support section called the 'Bone.'

Consumers will be able to purchase one inner section, the Bone, and numerous outer 'Skins' so that multiple style variations are possible.

Skins says its new concept will encourage consumers to frequently change their footwear in the same way they continually update their apparel wardrobe.

Vibram, which invented the rubber sole in the 1930s, has collaborated with high profile brands such as Emporio and Giorgio Armani, Prada Sport, Hugo Boss, and Dolce & Gabbana.