Footwear developer Skins said more than 30 high-end retailers will start selling its footwear line from early next year.

The retailers, which include Littles of Pittsburgh, Footwear Etc, World Class Footwear, Abbadabbas, J Stephens Footwear and Sportie LA, will sell the firm's 'Skins and Bones' shoes in 50 stores throughout the US.

The shoes consist of a two-part interchangeable footwear structure consisting of outer collapsible 'Skins' and an inner holistic orthopaedic support section called the 'Bone.'

The design allows consumers to purchase one Bone and numerous Skins, resulting in multiple style variations.

Joel Sigal, president Littles of Pittsburgh, said the shoes were "the most innovative, revolutionary concept" he had seen in the business.

Skins president and CEO Mark Klein said: "These retailers represent the cutting-edge of the footwear industry, and are adept at keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest in consumer fashion."

Klein explained that the company's next move would be to target select department stores and chains in autumn 2007, "with an eye on international distribution thereafter".