The 2000 edition of the original "Lithuanian Olympics tie dye basketball jerseys" has been reissued for this summer, authorised by its original artist for Sydney, Australia. The jerseys have been released this year, as an exclusive from Slammin' Sports, as a special collector's edition, to commemorate the Millennium Olympic year in Sydney, Australia. The original tie dyed jerseys gained international attention during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics when they were worn by the Lithuanian Olympic basketball team at the closing medal awards ceremonies, and featured the original slam dunking skeleton, character "Skully". "Skully", aka Skullman, - is coming out of retirement to adorn the new 2000 edition tie dye t-shirt, which celebrates the Olympics in Sydney. The new Sydney, Australia edition is an exclusive release of the original tie dye jerseys, with the back of the shirt imprinted with the brand name: "Lithuanian Millennium 2000," and the trademarked "slam-dunking skeleton 'Skully'", adorning the front. "The 2000 edition will give those who missed out during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, another chance to own a part of the history, now as a 2000 version for Sydney, Australia," said Greg Speirs, president of Slammin' Sports Co. The shirts will be individually signed and numbered by the original artist through the Olympic season, which may enhance their value as collectibles. To learn more, visit the website at: