Smart Myanmar has launched a project aimed at raising awareness among local consumers of sustainable consumption and production in the country's garment sector.

The project, which is organised in partnership with the Foreign Trade Association of German Retailers, has an objective of meeting one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 12) on sustainable consumption and production.

Last month it organised the first 'Myanmar Consumers Awareness Campaign' at a shopping mall in Yangon, where 132 people were asked to participate in a survey on sustainable consumption. They were asked about their knowledge of the countries where their clothing is produced, their views on sustainable production and consumption, and what they feel makes a sustainable lifestyle.

The survey revealed most consumers are aware of the countries where their clothes are produced but have inadequate knowledge on the concept of "sustainability". Despite this, consumers surveyed consider a circular economy is important for garment production to become truly sustainable.

The information will be used to shape messaging during the rest of Smart Myanmar's consumer awareness campaign in 2019, to advocate more effectively in future the importance of sustainable consumption and production. 

"[The] campaign launch was a good preliminary step to spread knowledge to the whole of Myanmar on sustainable consumption. With this campaign, people in Myanmar can start getting better knowledge on how to become responsible consumers, so that consumers can request and demand more sustainable products for a healthier environment and cleaner future," says Smart Myanmar, a European Union funded project that promotes the sustainable consumption and production of garments made in Myanmar.