Clothing manufacturer Smart Shirts Limited of Hong Kong, a subsidiary of Kellwood Company, is to use a product lifecycle management product from RunTime, Geac's specialist division dedicated to the apparel and footwear industry.

The RunTime software will be used across Smart Shirts locations in Asia and New York where it will help achieve tighter integration and coordination of operations such as shipments, orders, and deliveries across departments.

Changes in any of these areas will now be communicated automatically via a workflow tool within the RunTime product.

In addition, Geac says the software will help Smart Shirts work more closely with its clients to deliver new styles to stores, and will maintain a knowledge base of existing and previous styles created.

Smart Shirts, which has been using Geac's System21 since 1996, plans to integrate RunTime into the System21 ERP system.

Charles Jones, Geac's president and chief executive officer, said that the deal was the "most significant win in Asia in several years."

Smart Shirts manufactures a range of products for major brands and retailers, including Polo Ralph Lauren, Nautica, Claiborne, Land's End, Dockers, Timberland and LL Bean.