NanoHorizons Inc has expanded its SmartSilver permanent anti-odour and antimicrobial line with a new treatment that can now be applied to pure wool.

This new technology, which is applied to wool using typical fabric and garment dye systems, joins the current line of SmartSilver for polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton and rayon.

The treatment leverages nanotechnology to impart permanent anti-odour performance to fabrics through modifications engineered at the molecular level.

Wool, because of its native properties, such as natural oils, has posed unique challenges to previous anti-odour technologies, but NanoHorizons says the fibre's original properties, including hand, dyeability, stretch, wicking and thermal properties, remain unchanged after the process.
Fibres enhanced by SmartSilver can be used to create odour-resistant undergarments, hats, gloves, socks, T-shirts, sweaters and shoe linings.
"SmartSilver has garnered great attention from manufacturers using cotton and synthetic fibres, particularly in the performance apparel market," said Dennis I Schneider, NanoHorizons' director of sales and marketing.

"We recognised that wool, one of the most important natural fibres for consumer apparel and many other uses, needs a permanent anti-odour/antimicrobial solution."