The traditional problem of soggy "bobble hats" worn by golfers has been solved by the launch of the world's first high tech, shower-proof golf "beanie".
Using breakthrough silicon coating technology, the revolutionary knitted hat costs £15 and takes pride of place in the "Hole in One" winter collection from Manchester-based specialist headwear manufacturers, 1965 Ltd.
The firm claims its new beanie will end of a problem which has confronted golfers since they first began to wear "bobble hats" on the UK's traditional rain soaked courses.
The manufacturer is currently offering all golf pros in the UK an opportunity to test wear one of the shower-proof beanies free of charge.

"Beanies - or bobble hats as they are also known - are very popular among the golfing fraternity," said Leo Stanley of 1965 Ltd. "That is until you get caught in a shower half way through the round.
"Thanks to high tech, we have been able to solve the problem of the soggy golf beanie once and for all."