A multi-computer approach to leather hide nesting has been introduced by Gerber Technology as an option on its Taurus leather cutter.

The company claims that each additional SimulNest station typically improves material utilisation by an extra 1-2 per cent over the 1-4 per cent achieved with the standard Taurus installation. As a result, it says, users may realise a return on investment within one year.

Each SimulNest computer nests the same hide using different algorithms or criteria.  Each algorithm results in a unique nesting solution and, therefore, a unique material utilisation. Once each nest is complete, the software compares the results and sends the most efficient nest to the Taurus cutting system.

Once the best nest is chosen, the Taurus cutting system cuts the nested parts with zero buffer. 

SimulNest is appropriate for all leathers including, but not limited to, full  grain analines, non-corrected and corrected leathers, as well as corrected splits.

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