Chinese Internet portal (Nasdaq: SOHU) is launching a new e-tailing platform through its e-tailing channel, .SOHU's offers over 50,000 "low touch" items to online consumers located in 6 virtual malls. Within seconds of entering, e-customers can purchase a broad range of products, which include fashion, cosmetics and other is facilitating the evolution of China's e-commerce marketing model. In particular, the e-tailing channel is not a distribution orientated vertical site, but a "low touch" information portal that guides web users to companies that provide the goods they need. Web users can finalize online transactions directly with the e-tailing channel's product is easily accessible through SOHU's homepage directory or by search engine. Online purchases can be made using credit cards and bank drafts issued by the Bank of China, Construction Bank of China, Industry and Commerce Bank of China, China Merchant Bank and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank.