It's almost a year since we unveiled the re:source by just-style strategic sourcing tool, and we've continued to add new and updated content on an almost continuous basis since then.

But we've now reached one of the most exciting points in the product's development with the launch of our direct source trade data – giving users access to the most up-to-date trade and unit value data available anywhere.

That's a pretty bold statement – and here's how we've done it.

We're now working directly with the major importing regions, which means re:source users can access apparel import trade data as soon as it's released for the US, EU, Canada and Japan.

This is updated each month – so our data is available up to a year before other providers.

It also means everything you need to track trade movements by HS code and garment category is available in one place, with data covering value, quantity and weight.

But as well as monitoring which garments are being sourced from which supplier country, you're also able to track the latest unit value for all garment imports – also by product and source country. So for the first time you can confidently benchmark garment prices and assess price trends.

Spotting the latest monthly trade patterns lets you track and respond to quickly to change, it gives a more accurate picture of the current market, and means your sourcing plans and decision-making are based on what's happening right now.

To learn how our trade, tariff and country data can help your sourcing plans, click here.