A deluge of telephone calls and e-mails from companies whose usual sources of apparel production have been disrupted by air chaos following last week's strike on New York and Washington have prompted the American Apparel Producers' Network (AAPNetwork) to open up its regional contacts to all American retailers, apparel manufacturers, apparel brand names and private label developers.

"Almost certainly, some sewngoods sourcing channels that reach around the globe will be disrupted, others even eliminated. Since April, over 50 of the largest, best and highest quality apparel contractors and manufacturers in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean have joined the AAPNetwork," says executive director Sue C Strickland. "That means that between our US-based contractors and offshore ones, we have 190 members and over 120,000 sewing operators ready to make anything.

"Apparel sourcing in this hemisphere is shipped largely by truck or ship, rather than airplane. AAPNetwork members who specialise in shipping, freight consolidation and other aspects of logistics are standing by to help us and the industry adjust to this national crisis.

"Any requests we receive, by phone or e-mail, will immediately be sent by e-mail to hundreds of addressees. AAPNetwork suppliers of fabric, elastics, labels, pocketing, buttons and other trim can, in turn, send your needs on to their own customers. Bottom line - you will be contacted by a contractor interested in helping you source apparel and other sewngoods.

Mike Todaro, AAPNetwork's managing director, stresses that the organisation will not profit from these transaction in any way. "All sourcing services are free and immediate and continuous," he says.

AAPNetwork can be contacted at: made@usawear.org