ModelWire, Inc, a division of Geyser Technologies, Inc, has announced that its suite of "eFashion" software is being implemented by modeling agencies in Spain. Traffic and Group are now among the first "wired" agencies worldwide as they have recently implemented both ModelWire Imaging and Booking. Joining them in adopting the ModelWire Booking system are Maroe and Stars, two agencies based in Madrid. "Partnering with the top agencies in Spain validates not only the strength and usefulness of our software, but its adaptability as well," said Bob Olejar, chairman of ModelWire, Inc. "We are extremely excited about the reception the ModelWire software received in Spain and look to continue that expansion in other key territories." ModelWire Imaging eliminates "hard-copy" portfolios that require thousands of dollars annually to update, maintain and ship, and demands significantly longer lead-times for project casting. ModelWire Imaging clients such as advertising agencies, retailers and design houses can now install their companion version of the Imaging System via a one button download over the Internet. Once installed, they can view portfolios from their modeling agencies in real-time and avoid the congestion and related delays of the Internet. ModelWire Booking is a proprietary software package whereby users have access to databases and calendars for models and clients, resulting in a dramatically streamlined booking process. Features include scheduling, event management, real-time global updating, customization for each model, as well as email and accounting system compatibility. More information on ModelWire's Imaging and Booking system can be found online at