Excitement is mounting for Speedo. With more than 26 countries expected to wear Fast.skin in September, medal hopes are high.Since its launch in March this year, international athletes wearing Fast.skin have broken eleven world records and Speedo is expecting many more to follow. At Atlanta in 1996, swimmers wearing Speedo Aquablade won 77 per cent of the medals. Speedo Fast.skin is expected to achieve tremendous results this year. The introduction of Fast.skin to the swimming world has not been without controversy. Many have reacted harshly to this revolutionary suit, which some swimmers have indicated can reduce swim times by up to 3 per cent - the difference between coming first and last in a race. However, the suit was fully approved by FINA, the governing body for swimming, back in November 1999 and is proving to be a resounding success for the sport worldwide. Joe Fields, Speedo International's president, said: "This is a ground-breaking suit. Fast.skin helps swimmers go faster through the water and it fits and works like a second skin." "Extensive independent testing shows this to be the fastest swimsuit ever made. Others may try to emulate our designs but they cannot compete with the technological expertise and know-how of Speedo."Speedo is owned by the Pentland Group, which makes over a dozen brands of sports and leisure apparel and footwear, including Ellesse, PONY, and Kickers. Pentland also has the exclusive worldwide footwear license for the LaCoste brand and owns the UK license for the Skechers brand. Speedo, the Group's top label, is marketed in over 120 countries through subsidiary Speedo International.