Fibre technology company Spinnova is preparing to begin the industrial production of sustainable cellulose fibres at its pilot factory in central Finland.

Spinnova has developed a disruptive cellulose fibre innovation that involves no dissolving or other complex chemical processes. The company says its product development has now reached a phase where the fibre and its production method are developed on an industrial scale.

Spinnova's objective is to create a scalable technology concept for fibre production, which may involve joint ventures or by licensing.

"We have made excellent progress with our R&D," says CEO Janne Poranen. "Spinnova's fibre qualities are already on an excellent level for several end products. The speed of growth-enabling developments, such as technology solutions, partnerships and production space, has also exceeded our expectations."

The Spinnova fibres and textiles are being developed in cooperation with partners and raw material suppliers. The company's first partner is Finnish textile and fashion group Marimekko. Spinnova also has several other global retail brands committed to joint product development, it says.

Meanwhile, its commercial partners' criteria and different raw material functionalities will define which material is used for each application. The only thing that's non-negotiable for the company is sustainability; that raw materials are either renewable or waste material, Poranen emphasises.