Essentus International announced that Sportif USA, an outdoor apparel icompany, is beta-testing its new CRM application which will be integrated with Essentus Fashion Vision, a supply chain solution.

Sportif recently selected Essentus Fashion Vision as a best-of-breed solution capable of integrating information from its multiple sales channels. As a complete solution, Sportif has implemented Essentus CRM to increase visibility of customer needs and to reduce the costs of handling each sales order in house. During the past six months, Essentus CRM has been beta-tested by 20 Sportif salespeople.

John Kirsch, president of Sportif, said: "We chose Essentus because of its 30 plus years of software development exclusively in the apparel industry. Its APIs are proven and currently support some of the best known third-party warehouse management systems and financial applications available for the apparel industry."