Puma featured third on the list of sustainable companies

Puma featured third on the list of sustainable companies

Fashion and sports brands are featuring among the most sustainable companies, according to new data, with sporting goods company Puma appearing in the top three.

Waste management specialists Reconomy has analysed data acquired from Corporate Knights' Top 100 Most Sustainable Companies, along with You Gov highest ranked companies, to determine which firms are pledging the most for a sustainable future.

Reconomy analysed 157 companies across 13 different industries, to calculate the biggest sustainable giants. The company utilised a cross-referenced format, analysing information scraped from the companies' Twitter and Linkedin accounts and their individual business strategies and ranked the companies within a league still format.

Of the findings, Puma appeared third across all industries with 238 sustainable mentions, while fashion brands Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Ralph Lauren have a combined total of 392 sustainable mentions.

Fashion brands overall have 663 sustainable mentions, while the top three sport brands, Puma, Superdry and JD Sports, have a combined total of 472. Sports brands overall have made 716 sustainable mentions.

Harvey Laud, divisional director at Reconomy, says: "Each and every industry has a part to play when it comes to forging a sustainable future but the fashion industry is one which often finds itself in the limelight. While second-hand clothing is growing rapidly as consumers look to more ethical, sustainable alternatives, leading brands such as those drawn upon in Sustainable Giants are pledging to better their practices.

"Brands offering repair services to their clothes is something we find particularly refreshing as this significantly reduces the demand for natural materials and creates somewhat of a circular economy. Introducing such measures to your business not only benefits the planet, it also contributes an additionally unique aspect to your business model too."