Belarus officials say they are in discussions with German giant Adidas to start potential operations in the country as well as supply its Olympic team with uniforms.

Adidas' Russian general director met the Minister for Sports and Tourism Oleg Kachan yesterday (15 April) in the Belarus capital of Minsk to negotiate the possible deal which would see the supplier open a store in the city.

Speaking to just-style from Minsk, the Belarus head of international co-operation department at the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, Nikolei Bolshakov, confirmed Adidas had proposed the meeting, which would cement an existing relationship going back to the Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer.

"Adidas of course is looking to set up a store in Minsk - it was one of the discussions," Bolshakov told just-style.

"The meeting discussed co-operation in the future of both production and supply of uniforms for our national teams and for clubs," he said. "It was the first meeting and this is why the Minister tasked the sports organisers - those who deal with buying the uniforms to meet next time to exchange proposals [about] what they can do."

Bolshakov added the Minister and Adidas would decide "very soon" on the proposals. "Both sides are interested in developing relations," he said.

Belarus has been eyed by textile and clothing importers for some time, particularly as the country has enjoyed something of a thaw with the European Union recently following some improvements in democratisation reforms.

However, no details concerning any financial investment were forthcoming from the Ministry.

For its part, Adidas is remaining coy about its potential future in Belarus, despite confirmation of a meeting from the Sports Ministry, although it did not rule out operations.

A statement sent to just-style noted: "We are always looking for opportunities to expand our business in the CIS, however, currently no decision has been made to open an office in Belarus."

And when contacted again to comment, Adidas reiterated the situation had not changed.