The most recent update of Spotlight Solutions' Markdown Optimizer is said to be able to generate well over 100 million pricing recommendations in a single run.

"This latest release of Spotlight's Markdown Optimizer culminates from working closely with leading retailers over the past three years in order to enhance their markdown optimisation process and to deliver fast and substantial benefits," said Jim Kelly, Jr, president & CEO of Spotlight Solutions.

"The use of price optimisation in retail has matured and this is the time for the products in this space to reflect the experiences and learnings from the emerging market phase. This release positions us nicely for the rapid market growth predicted by retail industry analysts."

The new product includes enhancements to the forecasting and optimisation engine including new inventory allocation routines. Enhanced forecasting routines will more reliably model consumer demand across a wide variety of market scenarios allowing the retailer to better predict consumer demand at the local market, or even store level.

A more powerful user interface includes exception based reporting to enable the user to quickly identify, assess, and evaluate the most critical items and decisions. The new software also includes an enhanced merchandising integration platform that streamlines integration with both home-grown and packaged merchandising systems to automate the creation and processing of seasonal merchandise receipt flows.