Fashion company St John Knits Inc of Irvine, California is focusing on reduced cycle times, enhanced supply chain visibility and higher levels of customer service as it moves into the future.

The vertically integrated manufacturing business has enjoyed extraordinary growth over the years, and considers it essential to have a fully integrated software solution with strong manufacturing, production planning, supply chain planning and reporting capabilities.

It started to implement Movex Fashion from Intentia International AB last summer, and now plans plans to roll out the software to its multiple locations in Southern California. Once all sites are brought online, the Movex enterprise system, running on the IBM iSeries/400, will have 350 users.

According to COO Bruce Fetter, St John Knits sought an integrated and scalable platform on which to build for the future. "Movex Fashion will enable us to continue to reduce manufacturing cycle times and improve service to customers worldwide."

Unlike many fashion manufacturers, St. John Knits maintains its own factories and produces all components for its core product lines. The company creates its own designs, twists and dyes the proprietary wool and rayon yarns, knits and finishes the garments, and manufactures the hardware, buttons and jewellery in its California facilities.

Designed specifically for apparel, footwear and textile manufacturers and distributors, Movex Fashion offers a comprehensive information system integrating industry-specific functionality with a full suite of applications for collaborative enterprise management.

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