A natural fibre that neutralises odour is the latest innovation from Canadian textile firm Stafford Textiles Ltd.

The patented Odor Zapper, awaiting release to the North American market, neutralises odour caused by exercise, perspiration, body waste and bacteria which often becomes embedded in clothing.

"This is leading edge textile technology using a treated natural cellulose fibre-based yarn that functions to neutralise odours and reduces the growth of odour-causing bacteria," CEO Mick Stafford explained.

According to Stafford, body odour is caused by protein which, once ingested, breaks down into amino and fatty acids.

When the body excretes waste, such as in the form of sweat, the breakdown of these acids results in ammonia and trimetylamine compounds, which turn into odour once they pass through the skin.

Odor Zapper, in the form of a 3cm by 8cm tag, catches these odorous gases as they enter the air and neutralises them.

In addition, the technology features a polyester face allowing for the printing of logos or brand names.