The Pack4Good initiative focuses on transforming the impacts of the world’s packaging supply chain on forests

The Pack4Good initiative focuses on transforming the impacts of the world’s packaging supply chain on forests

Stella McCartney, Lindex, and prAna are among 11 companies that have committed to environmental not-for-profit Canopy's Pack4Good initiative, which aims to transform the impacts of the global packaging supply chain on forests.

Pack4Good was launched in October of last year and now includes 22 companies, representing 71 brands and US$66bn in annual revenues. It aims to curb the world's "voracious appetite" for packaging and to ensure that shipping boxes, wrappers, disposable cups, and other forest-based packaging originate from recycled inputs and what Canopy calls "next-generation solutions" rather than the world's ancient and endangered forests.

"The surge in online shopping arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, and the massive amount of packaging it entails, has brought to light the already substantial impact of paper-based packaging on the world's forests, wildlife and climate," Canopy says. 

The lastest tranche of companies to commit to the initiative also includes ELK, Mara Hoffman, Aritzia, CV Studio, NER, Telus, Tensei, and Varner. 

They are committed to ensuring that by the end of 2022 all of their packaging is:

  • Free of ancient and endangered forests.
  • Designed to reduce material use.
  • Maximising recycled and alternative next generation fibres (such as agricultural residues).
  • Using FSC-certified paper when virgin forest fibre continues to be used.

"We face a breakdown of our natural systems, and warnings that more viruses will emerge from disrupted forest landscapes," says Nicole Rycroft, founder and executive director of Canopy. "It's never been more important for forward-thinking companies to shift from high-impact paper packaging to smarter and planet-friendly alternatives. We're enheartened by these companies' leadership."

UK fashion designer Stella McCartney adds: "At Stella McCartney we do all we can to protect the planet and keep people safe. A great way to do this is by keeping trees standing and by getting forests, especially ancient and endangered forests, out of the packaging supply chain."