Stone America Marketing announced today a deal with John Starks' Original Man Wear (OMW) to pursue licensing, retail and marketing opportunities for the manufacturer of basic, year-round street-wear clothing, men's active-wear and accessories. Original Man Wear is a line of men's activewear and streetwear apparel. The full-line collection of men's activewear and streetwear apparel is targeted towards active and athletic men between the ages of 15 and 45. Original Man Wear features t-shirts, pullovers, caps, suede jackets, denim suits, khaki pants, cotton sweaters and twill jackets, all having a unique logo on its piece. "It is always a pleasure to represent a client that has a positive message behind its product," said Robert Stone, president and CEO of Stone America Marketing. "Stone America Marketing will see to it that more people know who we are and what we're about," said John Starks, CEO and spokesperson for Original Man Wear. "With this exposure, Original Man Wear will be seen as a clothing manufacturer that offers consumers variety and quality at a reasonable price." A percentage of the sale of Original Man Wear (OMW) licensed products will go to the John Starks Foundation.