A strategy to triple India's cotton textile exports from $4bn to $11bn by 2010 was presented to leading textile industry members, government officials and industry experts in Mumbai on Tuesday.

The strategy is contained in a joint study by Texprocil (the cotton textiles export promotion council) and the international management firm McKinsey & Co.

The first phase of the strategy involves boosting exports to $6.5bn, specifically in cotton yarn, made-ups and processed fabric manufacture. Near term planning calls for agressive marketing to pentrate Asian markets, with a particular focus on Greater China. Exports to the US and EU also figure significantly in relation to medium, high entry and niche products.

India currently has the second largest share in the world cotton textile trade, with China in first place. However, due to weakness in several areas, it runs the risk of being left behind by China and Pakistan. The study said that in a worse case scenario, exports could fall from the current $4.1bn to $3bn by 2010. This would reduce its share in the world cotton trade to 5 per cent.