Streetwear brand MNML has invested in a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution to aid the company's rapid growth and allow them to scale properly.

The company selected Centric Software's PLM solution for emerging brands, Centric SMB. Based in Los Angeles, California, MNML is a direct-to-consumer streetwear brand that was founded in 2016 by apparel industry veterans. MNML offers a variety of wardrobe staples at a fraction of the cost of their designer competition.

Sporting a lean, yet digitally native team, the company said it needed to put order to its product development to allow it to scale properly due to the firm's rapid growth. The company also wanted a way for top leadership to get a snapshot of projects in progress at any time.

Josh Fish, COO at Third Estate said: "We are a really small team for a company this size. Our development process is very collaborative, but we've been operating in a wild west sort of way with respect to organization. We have thousands of products in progress at any one time and needed a way to stay on top of it all."

"We wanted to make product design and development faster and more efficient and that's how we arrived at PLM. We met with a few other companies, but there were some things that Centric had that really stood out to me, including the calendar function and how visual the homepage is."

Technology is essential to MNML since it sell product exclusively online. Fish added: "From the beginning, we saw that the future of retail is online and the direct communication and feedback from the customer allowed us to be faster and more affordable, so that's where we put all of our effort.

"As with any business, the pandemic has had an effect. We've all been working remotely since the beginning of March; I think the pandemic sped up getting PLM because we need transparency now more than ever since we're not sitting next to each other all day.

"With Centric PLM I can make sure that balls aren't dropped and that we're staying on-track, on-schedule and on-time. Releasing more on-trend products at a higher volume than we're currently doing will itself give us the ROI on the system."

Fish said that Centric will improve onboarding of new vendors, offer transparency into the business and allow the company to ditch email and chat messaging by centralising communication in one place that also houses the most up-to-date product information.