With leather's resurgence as a trendy material in womenswear and accessories collections for spring/summer 2001 and autumn/winter 2002, French company Jitrois has already got a hit on its hands with its innovative stretch leather range.

Jitrois' stretch leather line, developed in association with DuPont de Nemours, is made from a very fine layer of leather coated onto a stretch cotton substrate. The collection, which has been very well received by designers and couturiers, uses a variety of leathers, including lamb, crocodile, and python. 

It is likely that the process will be extended in 2001 to shoes and upholstery. There is a huge world market for stretch leather shoes, DuPont said. Forty seven per cent of shoes sold are in leather and this represents approximately 5 billion items. Boots will also be one of the application objectives. 

Jitrois has an international network of distributors, especially in the US and Japan and expects the stretch leather collection to be much in demand.

By Marc de Laroche
Source: Fashion Daily (Paris)