Turkish apparel workers have agreed to end a nine-day strike after reaching an agreement with the Turkey Textile Industry Employers' Association.

The Teksif Union reached the agreement on 23 August, putting an end to the strike that involved more than 12,000 workers and affected around 30 major clothing and textile producers.

The agreement will see bonuses return to previous levels of a 120-day salary instead of the current 72.

The three-year agreement also means workers will receive a 5% rise on salaries in the first six months, 3% in the second, 3% in the third, 4% in the fourth, 3% in the fifth, and 4% in the sixth. If inflation surpasses these rates, additional payments will also be made.

Workers who work overtime on weekdays, general holidays, national holidays and regional holidays will receive double pay.

They will also receive wage increases based on experience, with TRY7 (US$3.4) added for every year worked.