By Penny Leese At an investors meeting on Tuesday, the managing director of Carli Gry, Anders Høiris reported a better than expected bottom line, according to an article in the Danish press, Jyllands Posten."The most important reason for the improvement is that we have strengthened our supply chain. Every day we can see that our warehousing is working better."Gross margin is up to 58.3 from 57.9. The company said that there are still come hurdles to overcome as far as expenditure is concerned, which increased from 314m kroner ($38m; £26m)first half of last year to 373m kroner ($45m; £31m)this year. These increases were due in part to the restructuring in the company, which is already under way.Carli Gry is now said to have lived up to its aims, and the company is back on track.Carli Gry's shares increased 2 kroner during the day.